The Curriculum is designed to equip you in all the Social Graces and Life Sporting Skills. As a young lady ready to embark on the journey of life, you will naturally be expected to be fully accomplished in every sense of the word. Be it home making or entertaining, once you cross the hallowed portals of Good Shepherd Finishing School, you will naturally qualify as the best.

The Curriculum will include:

  • Public speaking and building effective communication skills
  • Personal grooming
  • Introduction to basic garment designing
  • Food and beverage (both service and production)
  • Creative flower arrangement styles
  • Art & craft
  • Getting technologically savvy
  • Protocol & social graces
  • Music (vocal)
  • Dietetics and nutrition
  • Life skills
  • Dance
  • Recreation

On completing the course you will be awarded a Certificate from the institution that is recognized as the only one of its kind in India and at par with any finishing school in the world.