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Food & Beverage Production & Service

The Cuisines

Varied cuisine like Chinese, Thai, and Continental is dealt in detail. Planning parties of different occasions is part of the curriculum. This is complemented by training in table arrangement, flower arrangements and the appropriate use of cutlery. Lessons on how to plan menus based on events helps the students to be confident in the art.

A well-balanced, wholesome and nutritious menu, both vegetarian and non vegetarian, with South Indian, Jain, Gujarati, North Indian, European and Thai varieties are provided. The menu is planned by a trained nutritionist based on the requirements of the students. Sessions in Dietetics and Nutrition educates the students on healthy eating habits and life-style diseases that is the scourge of the times. Dining etiquette is practised in the Refectory.

The members of the staff who dine with the students supervise the intake and guide them on their intake.